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Firm's profile

Studio Colombo e Associati is a group of professionals working as team players to assist companies in the accounting and tax areas. The firm was established as a professional partnership (Studio Associato) in 2006, and results from the development of the activity of the original firm founded by Paolo G. Colombo, partner for 10 years of one of the biggest accounting firms in Milan.

The firm is integrated in several professional relationships covering specific specializations of the various aspects which may affect any business activity, thus creating an effective network gathering highly profile knowledge of competences, locally and internationally.

Our services are mainly represented by:

Accounting services

Our accounting services are mainly represented by:
  • Assistance in setting up of the accounting procedures
  • Assistance in the determination of the provisions at year end
  • Assistance in the determination of depreciations, amortizations and devaluations
  • Assistance in the preparation of Financial Statements and related supplementary notes
  • Assistance in the preparation of the Management report
  • Assistance in the preparation of Consolidated Financial Statements and related supplementary notes
  • Assistance in in the preparation of Management report according to Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Ordinary assistance on the accounting matters
  • Bookkeeping
  • Reporting services (e.g., preparation of periodical reports based on the Group needs, reconciliation of periodical reports with local trial balance, etc.)

Tax Services

Our tax services are mainly represented by:
  • Assistance in the preparation of the annual VAT return
  • Determination of the year end income tax accruals
  • Preparation of the annual income tax and IRAP return
  • Assistance in the preparation of the quarterly VAT report
  • Assistance in the preparation of the Customers/Suppliers list report
  • Electronic filing of the annual VAT return
  • Electronic filing of the annual income tax and IRAP return
  • Electronic filing of the quarterly VAT report
  • Electronic filing of the Customers/Suppliers list report
  • Electronic filing of annual declaration Mod.770
  • Current tax assistance
  • Preparation of opinions on interpretation and application of national and international tax legislation
  • Tax planning related to income taxes, VAT and other indirect taxes
  • Analysis of the tax and administrative current procedures with setting up of a specific manual for the company, as well as a
  • letter of comments and recommendations in specific cases.
The national and international tax legislation is subject to constant changes. For this reason, we periodically provide our clients with Tax Circular Letters to keep them constantly updated on the evolution of tax legislation and other areas of interest related to their sector of activity.

Corporate services

Our corporate services are mainly represented by:
  • Preparation of the minutes of the Shareholders’ meetings
  • Preparation of the minutes of the Board of Directors meetings
  • Fulfilments related to changes in the corporate structure
  • Keeping and update of corporate books
  • Assistance in the field of digital signature (Smart card)
  • Electronic filing of the annual Financial Statements, related supplementary notes and Management report
  • Electronic filing of the minutes of the Shareholders’ and Board of Directors meetings
  • Electronic filing of changes in company structure
  • Domiciliation services

Extraordinary operations

Our services to clients in start-up phase, in reorganization and other extraordinary operations are mainly represented by:
Company incorporation
  • Valuation of the most appropriate company structure in relation to the client’s requirements
  • Draft of Company by-laws
  • Preparation of special power of attorneys to attend the incorporation deed in front of the Notary
  • Discussion and preparation of the Directors powers
  • Registration of the Company with the tax authorities and request of the tax code/ VAT number
  • Validation of company’s books
  • Valuation of further requirements related to corporate, accounting and tax fulfilments, as well as to Privacy Law, Work Safety and other laws related to the specific activity performed.
Corporate reorganization operations
Our Firm provides the clients with assistance and consulting services for:
  • Transfer of companies and company branches
  • Transfer of stock and share
  • Joint ventures set-up
  • Mergers, splitting, business contributions and companies lease
  • Voluntary liquidation procedure
  • Bankruptcy procedures
  • Companies reorganizations
  • Companies valuations

Compliance activity

Tax due diligences

In specific circumstances, like acquisitions and quotations, or rather following specific request from the client, our Firm performs audit of tax position of companies or Group of companies, in relation to:
  • Correct interpretation and application of current tax regulations
  • Identification of possible risk areas.
At the end of the audit the client is provided with a report of results of the activity performed.

Compliance programs – Organization, Management and Control Model

Our Firm assists the clients in the definition and in the preparation of organizational and management models, in relation to D.Lgs. 231/2001, in order to prevent Company’s administrative and criminal responsibility.

The activity includes the identification of risk areas, execution of Gap Analysis with the identification of the necessary prevention and security actions, definition of the organizational model and related procedures, staff training and consultancy aimed at the maintenance of the efficiency of the Model.

Our Firm has gained experience particularly in assisting and participating in Law 231/2001 Control Body of Italian companies operating in sectors ranging from services to publishing.

Tax audits

Our Firm assists its clients at the time of tax audits and disputes.

In particular, our services are aimed at assisting clients in front of Tax Authorities (Revenue and VAT Agencies, Guardia di Finanza and Ministry of Economy and Finance) and consist in, during the scrutiny, drawing up appropriate memories aimed at certifying the correctness of the client’s behavior and, after the audit, in proposing requests for self-protection (Autotutela) and in managing the procedure of self-assessment (Accertamento con adesione).

If necessary, the partners and associates have the professional requirements for assistance in front of the Tax Courts.

International operations

Many of our clients are part of multinational Groups, and therefore our Firm is used to currently manage international tax planning. Our Firm, with the support of an international network, is in fact able to manage these aspects both in favor of clients with global and complex structures, as well as of clients that overlook for the first time the world market, providing a full and integrated service at world level with a global vision and innovative solutions.

Our Firm is able to assist the client in relation to:

  • Payment of interests and royalties, dividends distribution, etc.
  • Analysis of policies applied to determine transfer prices within international Groups
  • Sustainability of methods applied locally to determine transfer prices, with reference to the different approaches of the tax authorities of countries involved
  • Analysis of possible corporate structures in case of acquisitions of business abroad
  • Operations of international finance to reduce the problems arising from the application of withholding taxes under Bilateral Treaties against double taxation
  • Reduction of the overall tax burden connected with the repatriation of foreign incomes in Italy
  • Evaluation of implications connected to VAT and customs duties
  • Preparation of the tax returns and management of tax position of “expatriates”

Statutory Auditors

Our partners and associates have the professional requirements and experience to be appointed as Statutory Auditors in share capital companies as well as in companies listed at the Stock exchange or in financial institutions.
The function of Statutory Auditors must be seen as a chance and opportunity to exchange experience, aimed to a profitable internal analysis and external information of company activity.

Judicial Duty

Our partners and associates have been cooperating for years with the Courts of Milan, Brescia and Rome, being appointed as liquidator, judicial commissioner, judicial guardian and liquidator of assets, businesses and companies.
Furthermore, they have been appointed as technical consultant (CTU) for both the civil and penal court in accounting, tax and corporate matters. Closely connected to these activities is the appointment, by companies or private subjects, as technical adviser (CTP) in civil law litigation.

Insolvency procedures

Experience gained in the context of insolvency procedures allowed our partners and associates the enrichment of their competences, maturing a different and more complete view of the entrepreneurial reality.
In particular, the specific professional perspective gained in their judicial duties has developed a specific capability to identify the signals of business crisis, aimed at identifying the most appropriate means to utilize in the circumstances.
Therefore, within the different scenarios offered by bankruptcy law, our Firm supports the entrepreneur in such difficulty moments, putting it beside in the management of both extra-judicial or judicial solutions, even with the possible use of the most appropriate insolvency procedure.